One More . . .




One more trip to the doctor.

One more admission of humiliating symptoms.

One more physician‘s persevering uncertainty.

One more hunch about drugs even after repeated failures of 6 week trials.

One more hopeful bottle of toxins to ingest.

One more set of side-effects to endure.

One more crippling debility: Illness’s strong swing of a sharp ax into the pulp of my dignity cutting deeply.

One more intentional assault leaving me with a staggering and teetering propriety.

One more debility before I’m disqualified from sovereignty; stripped of my liberty, freedom, and independence, my self-reliant character reverts to childhood, a time of absolute dependence for survival.

One more obedient abdication of my extinct identities and forthcoming dog’s age.

One more no more.


7 thoughts on “One More . . .

    1. Thanks. No doubt I’ll keep writing. It IS the thing I look forward to each day. Is there anything you’d like written? It’s my contention that I can pen just about any thing!


      1. lol – Now that’s the kind of confidence I like to see! How about some short stories? I know I’m shameless but I love fiction. 😀


  1. Harlan- you and I now know that Medicine is an Art about a Science. Humans are tough to treat which makes any chronic illness a real drag. Your other option is do nothing which will lead down a particular path


    1. Thanks for your comment to my post “One More . . . ”

      The intention of the piece was to provide an idea of, what I believe, to be similar with people living with a treatable, yet incurable disease. That is to say professionals in the medical community aren’t as informed as we’ve all been led to believe.


  2. TM, hang in there friend. If you could put One positive to each negative what would you find? Where is the challenge. How do you slowly let go obligations and keep yourself happy.

    Any chance for breakfast on Friday? Let me know. Do not be afraid to speak regarding next week. I so wish I could give you the vacation you need yet may put you in peril. I hope you know I care that I am “your friend” and your other has reconsidered, late, not to go. So be it. Yes, I would like to see you more than once a week.


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