Loving Men-Us (Artem Stories)

There are two absolutes which every human being will experience: Life and Death. gaycouple3When we are born we are born alone. When we die we die alone. And somewhere in between if we’re lucky we’ll get the chance to fall in love. But falling in love is by no means a guarantee. I have male friends who have never fallen in love. And now that I think about it, 80% of the men in my life haven’t had the God given pleasure of declaring to their lovers that they’ve fallen in love with them.

Being in a relationship, as I explained to Artem the other day between light kisses planted on the pools of his clavicle, isn’t fifty percent him and fifty percent me equalling 100%. No, I said, being in a relationship is like being in a menage a trois. The ingredients are 100% he, 100% me, and 100% us!

The relationship must be the sum of its parts. But the parts can’t be anything less than 100%. No relationship can ever be sustained if those involved aren’t fully vested! No gaycouplerelationship can ever be sustained unless all parties are equally represented. You see, we’re all bruised fruit in some way or another. But what makes us stronger is when we combine ourselves with like fruit to create a beautiful medley. A relationship is like a delicious Ambrosia salad.

Or, as I said that same morning to Artem, two nuts in the same shell.