In a jar

I keep coins

From far-off places

And times past

Like a merchant

Searching for change

I rummage through

Them seeking memories

There’s this one

And that one

Then the other

Until I find

With my fingers

The only one

Which carries me

Back to Santorini

Azure blue seas

The white buildings

Cropped like terrine

Nests hugging cliffs

Of wafting salty

Humid light breezes

And the suns

Warmth on face

Of mopeds screaming

Across cobblestone bumpty-bump

And the crimson

Moustaches of deep

Dark red wine

Such a time

I now remember

So long ago

Only in Santorini


Quiet greeted me

This morning heavy

Damp muted skies

Like puffy eyes

Not yet tearing

I await rain

This murky morning

Once colorful my

Outside world lays

In dank noir

Day lost grandeur

And its definition

Everything looks similar

Yet very unfamiliar

Like I do

When I catch

Mirrored glimpses of

Myself wondering

Where yesterday went

Today has aged

This dawn old

Gray as the

Hair I touch

Despite the clouds

I awakened new

Fresh and thankful

To yet again

See another day