Темний і Смуглявий(Для AT)

Це була його фотографія, яка вперше привернула мою увагу. Я був посмідно відповідав на текстові повідомлення на сайті знайомств, здивований моєю передбачуваною популярністю. Я навіть не доторкнувся до нього, але я відповів. І тоді я побачив його фотографію. Протягом багатьох років мене привертали до північноєвропейського типу: блондинка і синьоока; Чистий і ніжний і відкритий. Але … Continue reading Темний і Смуглявий(Для AT)

Dark and Swarthy (for AT)

It was his photograph which first caught my attention. I had been hastily responding to text messages on a dating site, surprised by my alleged popularity. I hadn't even reached out to him but found myself responding. And then I saw his photograph. For years and years I'd been attracted to the Northern European type: … Continue reading Dark and Swarthy (for AT)

On Saturday I’m Going To Be Homeless

I knew it was coming, this day. Like those on this side of the canyon watching the night sky grow from a dark, almost imperceptible henna to tangerine to apricot. They knew it was coming, this night. Tonight at long last I've long lost everything I once valued: love and lovers; mind and mindfulness; mother … Continue reading On Saturday I’m Going To Be Homeless

Adderall, Oxycodone, Fentanyl, Hydrocodone, Clonazepam and Flexeril

I should be dead. No kidding, I should be dead. For six years I consumed a lethal cocktail muddled together on a daily basis. My starters included: my all-star pitcher, the stimulant dextro-amphetamine aka Adderall; my opioid triple play Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, and Fentanyl; at clean-up, slugger benzodiazepine aka Clonazepam; and my DH, cyclobenzaprine aka Flexeril. it wasn't that … Continue reading Adderall, Oxycodone, Fentanyl, Hydrocodone, Clonazepam and Flexeril

Replying to a Mother’s Rueful Response

Dear Mrs. Donahue (names are changed), Thank you very much for your kind words. I wish I could take credit for my writing style but alas, like my blue eyes, my writing was implanted long before I discovered it. And I doubt that beautiful language is lost on you: my job is to inspire the … Continue reading Replying to a Mother’s Rueful Response

The Troubling Bumbling Bumblebee

    Early last week a tip-toeing summer sun behaved like a shy new third grader taking his seat quietly in a room full of strangers.  Suddenly a bumblebee tumbled past my nose and into the kitchen. Quite surprised, I stepped through the doorway only to hear the familiar thud-thud-thudding of an insect against a window, … Continue reading The Troubling Bumbling Bumblebee