And I screamed

At God when

Is it my

Turn when do

I get everything

That You promised

He quietly replied

Selflessness is everything

That I promised

Selfishness brings about

Plagues and fire

And destruction and

Famine and lewdness

Greed and gluttony

Whereas selflessness brings

Comfort and peace

Truth and courage

Humility and clarity

Would you rather

Be the one

That ignites the

Fire or the

One that can

Put it out


And damn you

When I had

Finally patched the

Holes that my

Romantic life had

Become after I

Had bailed out

The water of

Bad relationships after

I had at

Long last set

Sail once again

On calm seas

Then pop gurgle

And splash into

My boat you

Came cool and

Fresh and then

Tried to sink

Me but plug

And bail I

Did getting rid

Of you like

I did all

Of the rest

Remain the water

For upon you

And above you

I do sail