OhSoAllOfYou (to Mr. B)

The memory of

You hangs around

Me like netting

Warding off the

Bugs of despair

Your aroma stays

On my shirt

Like invisible stains

That only I

Can see reminding

Me of that

Last hug before

I boarded the

Train taking me

Away from you

Traveling watching clouds

Outside the window

Reminds me of

Us as we

Danced the midnight

Away deep in

Your bed our

Love lighting up

Your room like

A bright moon

FlyFishing (for Mr. B)

I grew weary

Of fishing in

A trout pond

Assured of catching

Trout with little

Lure I dreamed

Of fly fishing

Me one with

The river knee

Deep wading into

Treacherous icy cold

Currents and silently

Dropping a fly

Over head one

With the canyon

Never certain that

I’d get nibbles

Until up you

Lunged a shimmering

Rainbow snatching my

Hook struggle we

Did until at

Long last you

Were beside me

Unhooking you I

Did throwing you

Back to swim

And yet you

Stayed beside me

Still free to

Choose either me

Or the river