And in the

Darkness there out

There far out

There a light

Winked drawing me

Closer tripping stumbling

And falling sometimes

Crawling I knew

That it that

Winking light was

More important than

My own comfort

But the more

That I approached

The farther away

It became and

Then I understood

That far off

Winking light was

Not my goal

But my hope

Calling me forward


Here’s the funny

Thing about ponds

And people when

At first stumbling

Upon one you

Feel giddy cautious

Even but delighted

Oh so calm

And teeming with

Life below the

Surface so in

You go tentatively

At first a

Few toes a

Foot wading in

Now something happens

Either you slip

And struggle to

Stay upright and

Poised or you

Accept the inevitability

Of your embarrassment

And dive headlong

Into the unknown