The Final At Bat – Chucking His Things

It took my brother 3 years after my mother passed away before he had the courage to go through her things, laugh a little, cry a lot and much like a funeral service, put articles of meaning to her in boxes and stowed them in a place surely to be forgotten in some hard-to-reach corner of … Continue reading The Final At Bat – Chucking His Things

Time To Unbutton the Years

For my very dear cousin who recently shared an activity she pursued from habit for 2.5 years of her life, and of which struck a deep chord within me which continues to resonate.  Bless you, M.D. In over 150 posts to this blog, I feel as though I've failed to pull aside the curtain and … Continue reading Time To Unbutton the Years

“Help Is On The Way!” – Solving the 9-1-1 Dilemma

Frankly I find the uproar monopolizing the nation's attention in recent weeks over the NSA's eavesdropping on "once thought to be private" conversations ironic.  Another example of sub rosa by law enforcement agencies is the warrantless tracking of a citizen's whereabouts via surveillance made available by privately owned mobile devices. Several states have issued a Call to Arms by writing … Continue reading “Help Is On The Way!” – Solving the 9-1-1 Dilemma

Heaven Might Be Anywhere

One of my greatest fears in life is that this life, this practice life, will be our only life, and, of course, one doesn't hear the punch line. This moment of truth, this day of reckoning, this day of judgement, is the religious revelation of the existence of evil and the evil dominion of bête noir: The … Continue reading Heaven Might Be Anywhere

Just One of the Things I’ll Miss

When you live in Chicago and drive, you live in your car. With so many people living in an urban and cosmopolitan city you'd think that public transportation would be a practical choice. And for many it is: Except they leave their parked cars at home like their two German Shepherds. A car is a car … Continue reading Just One of the Things I’ll Miss

Rich Didrickson (1955-2013)

"Life's a voyage that's homeward bound." -- Herman Melville It sent me back on my heels and against the ropes. I was so surprised that time stopped. It's disappointment struck like a head-on collision. When I answered I heard the life expectancy; but I expected a little empathy;  not the credibly, relative destiny.  It was a bombshell aimed dead-center … Continue reading Rich Didrickson (1955-2013)

Fall Has Finally Fallen

Yesterday, upon postponement of our midday amble amidst a cathedral's canopy due to the dowdiest of freshly fallen autumn afternoons, a cozy dinner might divert the chilly woes of premature dusks. Noting that a fresh fall ousted a sapped summer, I bought a trimmed pork loin from my butcher and fresh root veggies. Antecedently and … Continue reading Fall Has Finally Fallen