I have skirted death
more times than I
can count physical death
emotional death and spiritual
death and here’s what
I’ve learned about death
It’s just one door
in a hallway of
doors just one choice
made by the living
to stop their living
the way they do
Death isn’t the end
we think it is
Death is just one
more beginning the beginning
of the exact thing
we tried to avoid
that last shitty time
Welcome to your living
Now make it count


I believe in living 
life not surviving it
People count on their
future for their happiness
so what does that
make today a dry-run
Do you expect to
practice life today so
that tomorrow when your
real life finally happens
you get it right
The only real life
is the one that
you are living today
Do something anything maybe
several things that are
crazy make some memories
Never be regretful for
a life you wasted


I’ve always done things 
for others other things
other places other people
as though I was
a marionette attached to
someone else’s dreamy ideas
I found great joy
in giving that to
them but as they
grew I became smaller
as though I gave
others the sun while
I took the shade
And as they grew
I sat there waiting
But like greyhounds first
out the gate they
soon lost their place
and I having waited
watched and observed them
I understood their mistakes
and when my turn
didn’t make them myself