Two wolves one mountain

Two faces similar howls

Echo or each other

Meant to attract or

Warn symbolizing their territory

A crack a brush

And then a scent

Carried on winters winds

To dissuade or entice

Not food but foe

Perhaps friend maybe mate

Caution but not fear

For both knows the

Other knows but not

Circling and then growling

Paws outstretched and then

Touch and finally brothers

Once again and forever

Now running then chasing

And eventually sleeping and

Keeping each other warm

Now no more loneliness

HopesWayside (for FruFru)

I met a man

Recently and by accident

Passing through my town

Gone from his holiday

On his way home

Here for the night

And we just talked

Like two weary travelers

On the road of

Life recalling our adventures

Definitely a chance meeting

Which has now carried

On to more days

Of conversation as though

Hearts stopped to rest

In a most unlikely

Place but known to

Souls as hopes wayside