Humility and the Point Of No Return

It just happened.  Just Happened.  Relying on control, relying on self-respect, relying on discipline, it happened, just now. Arrogance or foolhardiness or spite!  A revolting contempt at my visible and invisible changes.  An acerbic and lawless diminishing of growth's infrastructure; a timely gallop to the washroom at age three to release an incarcerated fluid which had been, … Continue reading Humility and the Point Of No Return

When Intrinsic Value Is Devalued

  She was a Beaut!   It was one month past the age of nineteen when I first spotted her dowdy aunt (an Edwardian relic steeped in the ritual doctrines of affected, isolated, and bête noir) leisurely roll to a stop at a red light.  Her continental bearing and hardly-subtle style seduced me at once; her polish … Continue reading When Intrinsic Value Is Devalued