Percolating Happiness

  What is Happiness? Are we aware of its presence or absence? Is it organic?  Meaning it percolates within us, bubbling to the surface, and expressed through facial expression?  Or is it environmental?  Meaning it is outside of us, an experience we find pleasing and therefore are happy? Is Happiness found in things?  The greater … Continue reading Percolating Happiness

Life By Living

  Life, as we know much too well, is plump with memories; old jokes but new laughter. An eternity of firsts: love, kiss, bike, pirouette, strike out, airline, stitches, lipstick, heartbreak, failure, beer, hangover, diamond ring, varsity letter, loss, win, marriage, house, flat tire, hook line and sinker, kids, grand kids. And yet, it is precisely these moments that quietly fashioned … Continue reading Life By Living

Enough With The Melodrama! Gimme Something To Laugh About!

I have come to the conclusion that my blog is dying for an immediate injection of levity!  I mean, really, how long can a writer expect to maintain (or, increase) his audience when he expresses (now routine) woe-is-me posts?  Many of you probably say to yourself, "Woe-is-he?  How about "Woe-is-me?"  I promised to myself when … Continue reading Enough With The Melodrama! Gimme Something To Laugh About!

A Patient Physician Waits For My Question . . .

Will this Failure affect my . . .  Durability? In a broad sense, of course.  I mean, who can possibly predict someone's . . . permanence, so to speak . . . not that death is, in any way, humorous, but if we did know, one could make plans . . . which is when I trailed off, consciously fleeing … Continue reading A Patient Physician Waits For My Question . . .

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

A few weeks ago I was incapable of simply managing daily routines such as bathing; I couldn't process dual stimuli so if I was brushing my teeth and a faucet was turned on my attention went to the running water and my brushing slowed to a stop as though someone had killed the power. There … Continue reading One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

The Brain Breakdown

A psychiatrist offered this analogy: Your brain is like a computer which has a fixed amount of memory. When your brain is occupied trying to process depression there's a fixed amount available to use to process other activities, say memory or long division.  Eventually, as you heal, more memory is made available to concentration or … Continue reading The Brain Breakdown

Nothing More, Nothing Less

Of all the words of mice and men, the saddest are, "It might have been.” ― Kurt Vonnegut My regret, as it relates to an incident which first occurred forty-five years ago, is a testament to the idiom, "What goes around, comes around." It suggests that my intermittent regret is atonement for the pleasure discovered … Continue reading Nothing More, Nothing Less