The Troubling Bumbling Bumblebee

    Early last week a tip-toeing summer sun behaved like a shy new third grader taking his seat quietly in a room full of strangers.  Suddenly a bumblebee tumbled past my nose and into the kitchen. Quite surprised, I stepped through the doorway only to hear the familiar thud-thud-thudding of an insect against a window, … Continue reading The Troubling Bumbling Bumblebee

Shame and Regret: The Sting of Social Stigma

First posted in August 2012 Shame And Regret: The Sting of Social Stigma has more of a wallop five years later than four years earlier. We as a race must get something out of persecuting the disenfranchised and marginalized friends, family's, lovers, idols, and heroes. Maybe we ought to look inside ourselves and find that kernel of fear. … Continue reading Shame and Regret: The Sting of Social Stigma