And just when

I thought maybe

That simple maybe

Turned to no

And I was

Casually tossed aside

Like a magazine

In a waiting

Room once the

Real purpose for

Your visit happened

Was I just

That a thing

To take your

Mind off of

Other things bad

News things things

That you wanted

To avoid if

So and in

The future please

Tell the person

Well before hand

That they’re nothing

More than a

Creased yellowed and

Dog eared distraction

In a life

That you would

Prefer to forget


Why don’t some

Things just end

Why do some

Things carry on

Why can’t we

Simply be a

Machine that seizes

Up and stops

Once the oil

Of our love

Turned to sludge

But no oh

No we continue

Whacking and hacking

As though we

Were clearing jungle

Pointing out this

And accusing that

Like a couple

Of barristers arguing

Their clients innocence

Are we both

Not guilty of

The same crime

Stealing the love

That we thought

Was clearly given