There is this distinction 

Of which I’m exploring

I’ll call it disconnection

We live in a

World of greed and

Selfishness of scarcity and

Desire yet one who

Wishes to promote selflessness

Often finds himself exhausted

Out there giving and

Offering and causing and

Trying to quench and

Feed people uncertain as

To what they want

Because they want everything

When the selfless person

Disconnects he himself doesn’t

Become selfish but rather

Available to those seeking

What he can offer

It promotes a sense

Of abundance for those

People looking for it


So I walked up

The mountain to talk

To the wise man

Upon my arrival and

Before I could speak

He launched into a

Litany of complaints about

A hundred different things

Finally I said geez

Old man you need

To get out more

He turned and said

And go where where

Does the wise man

Go to complain when

Everyone else comes to

Him to complain perhaps

You should stay there

As I stay here

And figure yourself out

As I do too


And now I understand

Why the shaman willfully

Removes himself from society

It’s not to think

But rather to unthink

Life has a way

Of winding us up

Setting us about spinning

Like little toy tops

Bumping into the other

On the way to

God knows where that

At some point some

Of us climb mountains

Or walk into forests

Tired of being dizzy

All of the time