My Brother Rick (aka Dikes, Rich) Condition Post-Stroke

Last Thursday, a few minutes past noon, I called my brother Rick in Milwaukee (it had become a ritual of sorts especially while driving), and he answered in an odd tone which gave me pause. He began to complain of escalating nausea to which I urged him to see his personal physician.  He failed to … Continue reading My Brother Rick (aka Dikes, Rich) Condition Post-Stroke

My Brother Once Said, “My Life Was Determined By Another’s Lie.”

“A man will renounce any pleasures you like but he will not give up his suffering.”   Rick willfully shouldered a self-imposed burden his entire life.  Unsettled by our Dad's violent outburst's (routinely targeting our mother), he began to peek behind, beside, and beyond our parent's staid alibi about their colorless and urgent courtship which … Continue reading My Brother Once Said, “My Life Was Determined By Another’s Lie.”

I’d Like You To Meet My Older Brother

My brother and I were only two years apart in age, but eons apart in life. He'd learned early in life that he should gladly accept whatever is given to him, which was rooted in his broken-record-complaining about potato pancakes.  Well, one morning he went too far and as though she'd lost patience with the … Continue reading I’d Like You To Meet My Older Brother

Rare = “$$$$$”

rare: adjective DEFINITION: exceptional, extraordinary, rarefied, recherché, scanty, unimaginable, few, admirable, A-OK, cat's pajamas, commendable, cracker jack, exquisite, hunky-dory, meritorious, praiseworthy, superior, valuable, worthy, superior, 24-karat, elite, exclusive, exquisite, popular, precious, top-drawer. I've never owned or bought or inherited or found or stole any thing that's been classified, determined, researched, and stamped rare.  The moniker rare is … Continue reading Rare = “$$$$$”


PAIN relentlessly reminds us of life; PAIN is cruel, brutal, and inhumane; PAIN cannot be proved nor disproved; much like many religious deity's; PAIN is private and personal and corporeal to you; PAIN is isolation; PAIN is an absent invitation and then another and another and . . . ; PAIN strong-arms false confessions and … Continue reading PAIN

A Story For All Of Us

Mania is rich with almost-entertaining stories of bravado, of haphazard action, of disobeying most laws, of discarding sexual partners like "he loves me, he loves me not" petals.  But to a Manic, his/her episode could last years resulting in an incoherent swath of personal wreckage whose repetition finally drained even a mother's irrevocable devotion (tucked … Continue reading A Story For All Of Us