And in the morning

Coffee in hand I

Crawl back in beside

And watch as the

Morning sun creeps like

A caterpillar up sheets

And lands on lids

Which flutter like butterflies

Showing me your eyes

Sleepy and darkly rich

Deep brown satellites hovering

And focusing on me

And then on coffee

First comes the kiss

And then the sip

On this our morning


The love for yourself

Must always come first

You cannot give away

Something you don’t own

Try not to seek

Someone else to provide

That which you choose

Not to find yourself

For once they remove

It the void which

Was once something small

Has now become vast

Incapable of being quenched

Fill your cup first

And only from there

Can you serve others


Our friendship has changed

Once comforting like granola

Bathed in steamed milk

Then deep like rich

Dark soil in which

We planted our delicate

Dreams to the cotton

Candy of our crush

To the tentative touch

Of curious fingers entwined

Finally to storms passion

Drenching everything in the

Rain of desires hunger

And finally back to

The quiet beginning wondering

Just what exactly happened

Like waking from dreams

Confusion full of innocent

Chagrin and cautious glances

Asking where to now