When I hear

DeBussy’s Nocturne my

Heart which I

Wear on my

Sleeve bleeds saturating

My arm crimson

As clear tears

Well and roll

Wetting my lips

I miss those

Long lost loves

Like the kite

Caught in headwinds

Snatching it from

My hands taking

It somewhere else

Now a limp

String with nowhere

To fly I

Simply sit and

Imagine its life

In someone else’s

Hands bringing joy

ArtLove (for Ramón)

Friends and lovers

Are not distinct

One naturally bleeds

Into the other

Just like watercolors

Creating a hazy

Squinting image which

Requires its study

To understand meaning

Sometimes my friends

Become my lovers

For love like

Pastels blend and

Create a beautiful

Ghostly image like

A ship far

Out to sea

Or heavy woods

At the cusp

Of pastoral prairies

I love lovers

I cherish friends

Combined they make

Wonderfully beautiful art