Dog Days of Summer

The eastern sky was more black than blue by the time I took Jenni for her last walk of the day.  There happened to be just enough wind to cause unzipped jackets to billow and flap like fitted sheets pinned to clothes lines.  As our days shorten I switch on the flashing red bicycle light … Continue reading Dog Days of Summer

The American Lexicon Is Fundamentally Evolutionary

We make all kinds of decisions every day.  I'd assert that a tenet of life is decision. Decisions are based on a fundamental understanding of options.  These options are often presented through language.  Our language has mirrored our intellectual expansion during the past twenty years (since the commercialization of the internet), but it's also exponentially … Continue reading The American Lexicon Is Fundamentally Evolutionary

I Had a Car Like Me Once

QUESTION: If you were a car, what kind of car would you be? An old classic? Something like the 1967 Aston Martin convertible? Maybe the 1968 Mustang GT Fastback? The car most resembling how I've been feeling recently happened to be our third car, the car like me.  We'd bought it used from some co-worker whose … Continue reading I Had a Car Like Me Once

Posting Sans "Going Postal"

Dear Meta: Just a brief post via email sending my sincerest appreciation for your recent comment on my blog re: the feature story about me and my living with bipolar II disorder showing up in the on-line version of the Melbourne (Australia) newspaper! Since it's been two weeks since its initial publishing in the Sunday … Continue reading Posting Sans "Going Postal"

Election 2012: Forget the Gays! Let’s Kill the Middle-Class!

SCENE: A mob of men and women sporting haute couture ensembles are followed by domestic staff brandishing fiery torches, weed-wackers, and gilded "breaking ground" shovels move at an accelerated pace (note: they are not running; they never run; they simply walk with tremendous determination) between the craggy, overhanging cliffs somewhere near Malibu or the tall, … Continue reading Election 2012: Forget the Gays! Let’s Kill the Middle-Class!

“Go Ahead,” they urged, “See If It Fits.”

According to results recently delivered to scientists at an annual meeting of the Categorize, Classify, and Typify Society that more than 92% of the American workforce can be identified as bearing the common traits associated with one of only two populations: unaffectedly round or affectedly round.  Of the 92% of American workers, 97.639% fall into the unaffectedly … Continue reading “Go Ahead,” they urged, “See If It Fits.”

Do I Look Like A Pigeon?

There's a basic tenet of parental behavior to which many ascribe:  Whatever you don't like, don't understand, or frightens you about your child, you'll try to ignore it, or threaten it, or eliminate it under the guise of childhood protection. If you had known me as a child you would never describe me as: bashful, … Continue reading Do I Look Like A Pigeon?