Piquitos (to Cris)

And like an

Eyelash delicately swept

Away by my

Finger and like

A dew drop

Bouncing from the

Leaf to petal

To ground and

Like the first

Snowflake landing upon

My outstretched tongue

And still like

The last auburn

Maple leaf that

Falls on a

Forest floor my

Kisses find my

Way from face

To foot these

Are the piquitos

Of my desire

For only you


And what if

After all the

Gifts have been

Opened after the

Explosions of laughter

Glee and surprise

There remains the

Last gift the

Last cherished gift

The smallest gift

The gift that

Went unnoticed the

Gift that patiently

Waited for its

Turn to shine

And what if

That gift had

No card to

Whom should it

Go certainly not

To those grabbing

But instead like

The gift itself

To the one

Patiently waiting simply

Because they belong

Together at last

Such is love