The strength that’s required

To brandish my sword

I cannot muster and

Leave to youth but

Rather I hone wit

Sharpen sarcasm and whittle

And pluck the mantle

Hairs from the shoulders

Of demigods theocrats and

Buffoons who wear such

Not because of triumphs

But because of confiscation

Crippling those bullies at

Their weaknesses their lack

Of intelligence and morality


It’s a funny thing

Every single morning I

Start with some coffee

And every single day

I think wow this

Is the best coffee

Ever but is it

Or is it the

Best because it’s today’s

We spend so much

Time remembering and hoping

That we often forget

That one simple steaming

Aromatic creamy strong cup

Of morning warmth sitting

In front of us

Yes I mean you

My little own espresso