Sometimes it doesn’t work

But it still mattered

You can’t count on

Any future for success

But success doesn’t lie

In any of your

Accomplishments it lies in

Trying and then failing

Over and over again

Trust me successful isn’t

Awarded to those who

Succeeded the successful ones

The ones hailed as

Such are those who

Were willing to try

The things you wouldn’t


I am both scared

And excited but I

Know the power of

Positivity I have started

Over four different times

In four different cities

In seven years I

Know change I live

Change and I love

Change change makes life

Worth living without it

I’d had never met

Hundreds of people for

Good or bad have

Changed me and I

In turn changed them

Never be afraid of

Change for change is

The only thing I

Know that makes living

The life it is