Upon witnessing the thousand upon thousand upon thousand of marvelous, brilliant, and novel flowers and plants during Jenni's morning constitutional; it is hard to argue that there isn't something profound influencing our world. This something has a broad canvas and phenomenal palette upon which to design and express. I call these something's Creatives. Not the adjective creative, but the organic, the essential, and … Continue reading Creatives

Dear (You):

I wrote this long-handed while sitting in "The Olde Crapper," the oldest pub in Stow-on-the-Wold. Typed, it remains identical except for the "dopplestick" Altbier's splay of creamy foam due to the barmaid's negligence and naiveté of noteworthy Alt-style ales and their distinctive yet dreadful character: the infamously delicate and fragile froth which collapses quicker than a slit … Continue reading Dear (You):