I Need Your Help

November 25, 2012 Dear Reader: After posting my last piece about Jesse Jackson, Jr. I had a really bad case of Bloggers regret.  Not for what I said, not for how I said it.  I regretted posting it here, on this blog because I don't think Blog Readers visiting my blog expect to see a political opinion … Continue reading I Need Your Help

(Ex-Representative) Jesse Jackson, Jr.: Denouement

Hoodwinked?  A definite possibility.  Bamboozled?  Most likely.  Hornswoggled?  Should be considered. Whatever you want to call it, Mr. Jackson Jr. disappeared six months ago; five months ago Mrs. Jackson Jr. read a prepared statement which delicately described Mr. Jackson Jr.'s sudden absence without divulging the root cause.  Mrs. Jackson's calculated disclosure purposefully neglected any explanation … Continue reading (Ex-Representative) Jesse Jackson, Jr.: Denouement

On Compassion

Compassion is not yours to keep but to give away again and again and again. If you keep compassion to yourself like a precious object, your compassion will rot, turn bitter, inducing guilt followed by resentment expressed by anger. Everyone should pray that they die with pockets empty of compassion for then they’ll know eternity: … Continue reading On Compassion

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow. . .

"Seize the day, and put the least possible trust in tomorrow."  - Horace When the cease-fire had been successfully negotiated between my bombarded sanity and the merciless encroachment by mania across my poorly fortified borders, I had some time to exit the bunker of my psychiatrists office and assess the destruction caused by my determination to … Continue reading Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow. . .

Waking Is A Cruel Reminder

Daybreak brings a lethargic admission of perjury; or one of those dawdling, cursory, and out of earshot suspicions of yesterday: yet today's yesterday sidesteps its propriety of disappearance; it haunts my waking like the abstract restlessness of a paradoxical child contesting its own afternoon drowsiness; both the scrappy child and the cantankerous yesterday will eventually … Continue reading Waking Is A Cruel Reminder

Romanticizing Madness

I've noticed recently a spate of blogs and websites declaring which famous people are bipolar (please visit: (http://pinterest.com/bipolarbandit/famous-people-with-bipolar-disorder/).  This identification of plausible personalities is a definite indication of social change.  To see familiar faces, icons, sport legends, entertainment moguls, and just plain "they've-got-it-too" types provides a sense of belonging to a community-at-large which includes not just … Continue reading Romanticizing Madness

Smack Dab In The Middle Of Nowhere: Ah, Perfect!

Last weekend we packed practically half of our possessions (well, it sure felt that way) and went out-of-town for a two-day furlough from life's daily grind.  We travelled south from Chicago and around the tail end of Lake Michigan to the eastern shore and small, polka-dot-like towns of Southwest Michigan known as Harbor Country.  These bucolic … Continue reading Smack Dab In The Middle Of Nowhere: Ah, Perfect!