Pen & Ink Box

At long last I finally completed my fountain pen & ink box hand made of the final stock of century-old oak moulding rescued from a soon-to-be-demolished Chicago mansion. When you run your fingers along the warm and naturally aged finish you can almost sense the depth of its history; it adorned the library and parlor; … Continue reading Pen & Ink Box


It's odd, this. All my life I carried some kind of drive, as though the first-baseman-mitt-sized hands of a dad pushes a shy son to join the group; nudging, like the dog's wet muzzle flips your hand like a pancake in order to be petted; knocked, like the brass-ring a toothless lion holds loosely between … Continue reading Oomphlessness

Personal Assistant Career Application: Word Problems

So you've always wanted to be a personal assistant to the wealthy, the famous, the powerful!  Oh, the perks you tell yourself; the glamour; the benefits; the cocktail conversations! To be a successful personal assistant you've got to produce, produce, produce anything asked of you, since you are an extension of them (but one they keep hidden like a blemish or … Continue reading Personal Assistant Career Application: Word Problems

What It’s Like

  Upon awakening I remember that today is just one more day in a long line of days and while I know there's an end to the string I can't yet see it.  Still under the weight of Clonazepam I haven't heard Jenni bounding down the stairs ready for a romp.  This hour or two is … Continue reading What It’s Like

Hey! Who’s Got the Key to my Closet?

When I was a junior in college I made the conscious decision to climb off the fence and declare, for the indeterminable future, that I was going to live my life as a gay man.  *(Included with membership was: style, wit, fashion awareness, detail, grooming, manners, art, martini, and the male girdle appreciation, secrecy, caution, … Continue reading Hey! Who’s Got the Key to my Closet?

Time To Grow Up (Part 1 of “Career, What Career?”)

Even though I hold an advanced degree from a prestigious university known for its performing arts alumni, when I arrived in Chicago in 1987 my one skill which could be directly applied to working was typing.  Aside from the awards, the accolades, and the New York literary agent, I was essentially unskilled labor with a … Continue reading Time To Grow Up (Part 1 of “Career, What Career?”)

An Angel Walked Behind Me

Calling, knowing that a long time ago in October of an earlier year, I had night-time acquaintances. She was my first taste of grass after a long winter and flowed like a charcoal mare.  Tonight she's a tree after decades of twisting, with a winter nose. She doesn't want my voice at the far end … Continue reading An Angel Walked Behind Me