Seeing you seeing

Me like cats

We stared at

First curious then

Alarmed weighing whether

One caused the

Other harm timidly

Touching like a

Child to the

Glow of an

Angel first a

Finger then a

Hand then the

Shoulder spreading slowly

To the chest

Like pancake batter

Poured on griddles

Pausing like a

Cloudburst when the

Sun breaks free

Suddenly aware of

Nakedness we clutch

Each other in

Our chagrin knowing

Now right now

That we could

That we can

Leap from safety

Into the skies

Sea like parachutists

Hoping that the

Canopies we are

Will open landing

Us softly and

Safely onto the

Bed down below


I told you

Things because you

Asked and now

Like a dog

On a leash

I feel you

Pulling away seeking

Freedom let you

Go I did

But rather than

Run like a

Dog at last

Free you picked

Up my secrets

Like a stick

And brought them

Back to me

Wagging and jumping

Saying in your

Tender playful voice

Throw me another

Now I know

Why you pull

It’s not to

Run away but

Rather to retrieve

What’s meaningful to

You bringing it

Back to me