And like a

Lagoon at rest

After a deluge

Long after the

Thunderous storming cacophony

Of unexpected change

Blows on past

Most everything once

Again dips drops

And finally dies

Decomposing down below

At the bottom

Allowing newness to

Float clearly above

And in clarity

Bright things seen

Swimming and shimmering

Darting and dancing

While the past

Settles down at

Long long last

BeachDawn (to Bean)

And with my

Eyes I spy

A new day

Breaking out there

Not yet here

Canopy of clouds

Like London umbrellas

Growling and muttering

Hovering above churning

Seas washing the

Bleached beached sand

In sudsy foam

Depositing sea shells

At my feet

Which sink quickly

Like hasty relationships

And yet there

Beyond my reach

Dawn breaks through

Like a Chinese

Dragon on NewYears

Exploding bleeding red

For a moment

Then quietly gone

Just like yesterday


I do recall

One late summer

Night when the

Moon was full

And cast eerily

On Carter’s pond

Making your ripples

Dance like slowed

Almost still fireflies

As you swam

Silently except for

The jump of

A fish disturbed

Dipping my toes

Into that twilight

Feeling the tingle

Of cool water

Sending shivers upward

And wanting to

But daring not

To undress myself

And swim with

You fearing not

You but I

For you I

Knew but me

I did not

Then know me

There with you