I don’t say

Things I think

I’m cautious like

A new driver

At a stop

Sign looking each

Way thrice before

Proceeding or like

A birder careful

Not to snap

A twig scaring

Away the thing

I wish to

See I keep

Things from your

Ears for even

Though I think

Them I fear

Your heart simply

Cannot hear them

Instead let me

Spy upon your

Smile and simply

Smile back love

HeavensUs (for Ramón)

I awoke to

The memory of

Us two men

As children playing

In sandboxes and

Seesaws on swings

And slides in

Tents enjoying finger

Puppet adventures in

Front of flickering

Candles and eventually

Sleep at last

Dreaming of the

Days adventures and

Joy one day

My friend upon

Your return we

Will soar like

Eagles on high

Thermals gliding wing

To wing towards

The heavens us


Moored off the

Coast surrounded by

The thick dense

Fog of life

A howling horn

Moans warning cliffs

A sweeping beacon

Catches my eye

Prompting me to

Follow my bulky

Oversized hull scrapes

Along the bodies

Of others as

I blindly navigate

Finally breaking free

Dawn rises brightening

My path to

You a white

Tower whose sound

And light welcomes

Me safely home

This is the

Love of friendship