There was certainly before

And then there was

When and now there’s

Now and tomorrow might

Be coming but love

Is like water itself

Sometimes rain sometimes monsoon

And the heart a

Creek bed capable hardly

Always able to handle

The deluge of storms

Breaking banks tearing apart

Leaving waste and destruction

Until at last time

Redefines what was once


And then by happenstance

Two people didn’t meet

Where they should have

But met somewhere else

As though one oak

And one elm sapling

Each took its own

Flight from far off

Trees and landed side

By side two different

Yet similar things at

First prone and later

Tall and so strong

And shading the other

This will be our

Story if we have

A story to tell


And just when my

Waterproofing dried in comes

Another trickle where’d that

Come from following the

Winding wetness I see

An open window a

Photograph loosely taped to

The side of some

Other obscure memory slumping

To the humid concrete

Of my hearts basement

I admit I’m doomed

The water will win

He will always find

A way to remind

Me that he was

Once here still is

And always will be