Where’d the men go 
Did they march off
to some war of
which I was unaware
Were they beamed up
into some alien craft
and swept far away
to some distant planet
to propagate that place
Where did they go
Being a man meant
something once and not
what so many think
What did it mean
Go ask your fathers
father and his father
and his and his
for men have been
gone for a long
time before yesterday and
even longer than today
And I’m wholly uncertain
if they’ll ever return
having been lost to
war or another place

MyPlank (to my lovers)

The notes of DeBussy
take me in one
direction and the coffee
in another while you
still sleep next to
me your breathing reminding
me that I’m alive
even as I write
for both the music
and all the coffee
lifts me far beyond
this bed overlooking mountains
and somewhere else beyond
you there my plank
sleeping going somewhere else
on your dreams adventure


I do remember 
Of course I
remember I remember
fondly but not
longingly time has
severed that connection
like a prisoner
pulling his chain
free from post
sending him somewhere
anywhere else but
there where misery
pain and suffering
occurred once love
had souringly curdled
I have rinsed
my mouth of
you and wiped
my lips clean
but yes I
do remember of
course I remember
I never lost
the taste of
you but I
doubt that I
will enjoy you
ever again ever


And just when my

Waterproofing dried in comes

Another trickle where’d that

Come from following the

Winding wetness I see

An open window a

Photograph loosely taped to

The side of some

Other obscure memory slumping

To the humid concrete

Of my hearts basement

I admit I’m doomed

The water will win

He will always find

A way to remind

Me that he was

Once here still is

And always will be