My minds evilness

Conjures like warlocks

Standing over a

Tureen of goo

Falsity of you

Creating lies which

Like all spells

Do nothing but

Emphasize my insecurity

Why oh why

Do I place

You in such

Prisons when your

Only crime was

To love me

Exonerated now freed

From my dungeon

Squinting you turn

Back your soul

Simply asking why

What you’ve done

We are all

Capable of the

Tyranny of love


Like the first

Pages of a

Novel I struggled

With interest but

Now chapters in

I simply can’t

Put you down

I’m saturated like

A freshly watered

Lawn steeped in

Your moisture growing

Sprouting like a

Field of wildflowers

One day or

Flower prettier than

The next soon

I will finish

Reading this book

That you are

Ready to write

The sequel this

Time with you