And there we

Sat aging gathering

Dust waiting for

Our turn me

In a humidor

And you on

A shelf sometimes

Picked up studied

But always placed

Back to wait

Neither of us

Knowing each other

Until one snowy

December night when

We met you

Silky slightly tart

Hinting of pepper

Easy on tongue

A highland malt

And me robust

Smoky with hints

Of oak and

Acorn a maduro

And finally meeting

On the sideboard

My ash gray

Your bottle half

Empty thoroughly enjoyed


Make me the

Most important one

Not the first

One or the

Last one not

The nightly one

Or the sneaky

One or the

Coveted one or

The one that

Got away one

Make me the

Most important one

Arrange me highest

In your bouquet

The call that

You take the

Letter that you

Open tossing aside

All the others

Make me be

The fish you

Name in the

Pond and please

Make me be

The only one

Most important one