On Saturday I’m Going To Be Homeless

I knew it was coming, this day. Like those on this side of the canyon watching the night sky grow from a dark, almost imperceptible henna to tangerine to apricot. They knew it was coming, this night. Tonight at long last I've long lost everything I once valued: love and lovers; mind and mindfulness; mother … Continue reading On Saturday I’m Going To Be Homeless

Shame and Regret: The Sting of Social Stigma

First posted in August 2012 Shame And Regret: The Sting of Social Stigma has more of a wallop five years later than four years earlier. We as a race must get something out of persecuting the disenfranchised and marginalized friends, family's, lovers, idols, and heroes. Maybe we ought to look inside ourselves and find that kernel of fear. … Continue reading Shame and Regret: The Sting of Social Stigma

Winter Recollection

Floating from heaven (perhaps an angel's first molt), flakes-first-to-fall scout the coldest of cold places where snowflakes might make landfall and swallow our feet like sand at the ocean's edge. The first few dance like marionettes and, like children, are delighted and distracted and saddened, our cold clowns drafted by the blizzard. More and more … Continue reading Winter Recollection


Upon witnessing the thousand upon thousand upon thousand of marvelous, brilliant, and novel flowers and plants during Jenni's morning constitutional; it is hard to argue that there isn't something profound influencing our world. This something has a broad canvas and phenomenal palette upon which to design and express. I call these something's Creatives. Not the adjective creative, but the organic, the essential, and … Continue reading Creatives