Distance whether it’s a

Foot or many miles

Always requires a bridge

Some bridges span canyons

While others span inches

But most bridges bring

Two different things together

The thing that’s required

For bridges to work

Isn’t rope and wood

It’s the willingness for

Those two separate sides

To be tied together

So are we yet

Willing to be closer

Now than this far


Life belongs to the

Young age to old

Children should grow up

They should learn love

And heartbreak they should

Why do those same

Who scream for rights

Of the unborn also

Scream for the rights

Of guns that kill

To those politicians that

Scream pro life yet

Defend the right to

Bear arms I say this

Explain yourself to parents

Whose children were lost

Explain your logic to

Them that their children’s

Right to life ended

The moment they were



Laughter is by far

The sexiest expression in

The world far more

Than nudes laughter makes

Me want to kiss

It draws me in

So please keep your

Stares and your dances

And your common obscenities

Fill my heart with

Humor and silliness because

Our world is filled

With too mu seriousness

Tickle me with laughter

I will kiss you

Whomever you happen to

Be wherever you are