There’s something about fall

That brings such comfort

Brilliant colors and awe

Trees exploding like fireworks

That last for days

Of layers put on

And eventually taken off

Like the armor we

Wear before meeting someone

And the nakedness after

Of once cold drinks

Migrating to warmer ones

While anticipating the holidays

We live in such

A fast world that

Autumn slows down reminding

That change brings beauty


And like a willow

Or a river birch

I found my self

Rooted and simply standing

Often and at times

Victim of the wind

Which wound and weaved

Through the years limbs

And every so often

Men would stumble upon

Me in search of the

The river in which

They swam I drank

Throwing off their clothes

And splashing and diving

In and beneath me

The river their baptism

And me their comfort