The why question can

Never be answered the

Reason is because the

Answer to the why

Question is itself reason

The problem with reason

Is that it’s either

Reasonable or it’s unreasonable

Reason is a judgment

A decision and our

Judgments and our decisions

Are open to evaluation

So while what you

Do is simple for

You the why you

Do question is unanswerable

Because when someone asks

You why what they’re

Really asking is for

You to convince them

The what you did


Just tell me how

How many times how

Many tries how many

Fights and how many

Apologies and how how

Often must we forgive

Please tell me how

Many wrecked vacations how

Many disappointing holidays how

Many separations and how

How how how have

We allowed us to

Get here how how

Can we look at

Each other with nothing

To say how do

We finally accept that

All of the how’s

Have ended here now