Where’d the men go 
Did they march off
to some war of
which I was unaware
Were they beamed up
into some alien craft
and swept far away
to some distant planet
to propagate that place
Where did they go
Being a man meant
something once and not
what so many think
What did it mean
Go ask your fathers
father and his father
and his and his
for men have been
gone for a long
time before yesterday and
even longer than today
And I’m wholly uncertain
if they’ll ever return
having been lost to
war or another place


I maintain that what
we see is the
result of what we
wish and what we
wish is what we
want and what we
want is what our
hearts see so what
we have has always
been what our hearts
desire if you want
change then have the
courage to see it
for neither the eyes
nor the heart are
blind one doesn’t need
eyesight to possess vision


Imagine a life with 
little or nothing except
insight and wisdom maybe
a very few comforts
a bit of this
a bit of that
but not nearly enough
to put together even
a simple recipe whether
it be meatloaf or
relationship so now what
Imagination the idea of
making due with what
one has and when
what has is insight
and wisdom everything else
becomes exactly what it
is meant to be
And not what it
was ever supposed to


And from some far
off place perhaps the
valley of possibility tucked
at the foot of
the mountain of expectation
comes a voice heard
And once again yet
again sliding down from
the mountain top after
clinging to the peak
of expectation I skid
slip and stumble past
boulders of heartbreak over
pebbles of indiscretions and
affairs back on down
past the tree line
of awkward first dates
coming to the pool
of possibility where I
hear that familiar voice