ThisIsWhatItsLike (for Brandon)

We laid a

Foundation of friendship

Brick by silly

Tripping brick opening

Up like a

Compact mirroring smiles

We compared each

Other like boys

With cars and

Began to know

These things filled

Me with something

Long forgotten Joy

Dance with me

Now in our

Ballroom take my

Hand and lead

Let me follow

Until I do

Take the wheel

Steering us away

From craggy cliffs

Be with me

Now like bumblebee

To flower and

Let us be

Together as the

Universe has intended

Creating something fresh

Never witnessed before

In this lifetime

JustLikeThose (to Brandon)

It is said

That love surprises

You that it

Happens like bumping

Into someone at

The grocer or

Like a snowball

Catching you square

In the jaw

It approaches like

A frightened child

By nightmares crawls

To you like

A naughty puppy

It blooms like

Late April snowdrops

And ends like

Sunsets in Santa Fe

But we’ve tickled

Each other like

Wound up Jack-in-the-boxes

Popping up after

A few turns

Love ambushed us

Just like that

Just like those

SeasonsWe (to Brandon)

And so it

Began like setting

Tinder to start

Then fanning catching

Logs to blaze

These conversations dancing

Like a ballroom

Competition spinning and

Ducking and moving

Moved from topic

To topic as

Easily as ice-cream

Melts on a

Warm August day

Leaving us to

Leap like leaves

That jump into

October winds and

Land one atop

One another we

Talked creating a

Harmony like the

Cicadas in summer

These were the

Seasons between us