There are some days 
when everyone seems happy
and interested and welcoming
and then well then
there are some others
when the whole world
seems to be falling
apart as though a
lynch pin wiggled its
way free sending tractor
in one direction and
cart careening into another
which do you attempt
to halt that which
has direction or that
which has absolutely none
I’d let the tractor
go for it will
find its rut and
carry merrily on unaware
I’d chase the cart
for it doesn’t know
where it ever belongs
now on its own
unhitched from the tractor
The cart is up
for one hell of
an adventure I’d say


There are some days 
when you simply shine
like river rocks paving
a cold mountain stream
and then there are
others when you’re frequently
overlooked like dirty
snow piled onto corners
frozen in place avoided
and one day disappear
as though never even
there I wonder why
for am I not
the same I go
out me every day
every day the same
I guess people are
fickle never knowing what
they want if anything
if ever any day


I have finally learned 
the lesson of less
Less is far better
than more ever is
Less is a blessing
it forces one to
be simpler to appreciate
and to be kind
Less is what I
imagine Heaven to be
A place of snowfall
of silence of calm
of sunshine and rain
of humanity and mindfulness
I have lived through
the lesson of more
More always wants more
more is a hellscape
an eternity of selfishness
Less lets things go
unnoticed and unwanted things
baggage and staggering burden
The lesson of less
isn’t one for fools
or fearful or frivolity
The lesson of less
is reserved for those
who are courageous capable
and strong committed to
living life with more
of almost everything importantly
impactful and essentially impossible
simply by accepting that
less is always more