Dark and Swarthy (for AT)

It was his photograph which first caught my attention. I had been hastily responding to text messages on a dating site, surprised by my alleged popularity. I hadn't even reached out to him but found myself responding. And then I saw his photograph. For years and years I'd been attracted to the Northern European type: … Continue reading Dark and Swarthy (for AT)

Shame and Regret: The Sting of Social Stigma

First posted in August 2012 Shame And Regret: The Sting of Social Stigma has more of a wallop five years later than four years earlier. We as a race must get something out of persecuting the disenfranchised and marginalized friends, family's, lovers, idols, and heroes. Maybe we ought to look inside ourselves and find that kernel of fear. … Continue reading Shame and Regret: The Sting of Social Stigma

Kissing, de novo

Kissing anchors a promise between two; Kisses can be the sound of winter-whitened whispering pines; fresh, slow, quiet; Kissing can be cagey and duplicitous; A kiss earns thirty silver coins; A kiss costs a lifetime; A kiss is as silent as a prayer; Kissing celebrates a war's end; A kiss draws breath lips tongues; A … Continue reading Kissing, de novo

One Creative, One Blossom, One Night

Jenni and I joyfully stepped out of the house at twenty past seven for her afternoon walk (kudos to Jenni's plumbing!). By that hour it was already dark but for the jostling tree canopy's flash bulb burst of the city's ghoulish orange tints. Our neighborhood Edgewater, enjoys its gentrification's hushed family sounds which escape their … Continue reading One Creative, One Blossom, One Night

There’s Cold and then there’s Cold!

THERE'S COLD . . . Cold cream, the cold shoulder, cold as ice, having a cold, Cold War, stone-cold dead, cold sores, knocked-out cold, cold (sexual disinterest), cold feet, cold turkey, cold water man (a Scot that doesn't drink alcohol), cold cuts, cold storage, catch a cold, "...has a cold..." (politician, diplomat, or executive is … Continue reading There’s Cold and then there’s Cold!