Handouts are often things 
that no one wants
pronouncing and announcing things
that most find annoying
I find this odd
for we all live
in a world filled
with clutching grabbing selfish
people many of whom
want more than need
So why do they
find handouts so irritating
oh right I know
because so many know
and don’t want to
be told anything ever
what a childish bunch


I can say with 
confidence that a mouse
is just as happy
as a lion having
once been a lion
and now a mouse
Oh I know that
we always point to
the grand noticeable things
thinking wouldn’t it be
great to be that
Being that is great
if that is meant
for you to be
But being a lion
is no better than
being a mouse for
while everyone wants to
be the lion only
lions can I personally
like being a mouse
having once been a
lion it’s so much
easier what with the
upkeep of that mane


This morning starts soupy
with buildings emerging like
oyster crackers slowly rising
out of the broth
while lights go out
one by anxious one
all around the city
like hopeful dogs at
the kitchen restaurant door
when at last they
abandon hope of morsels
as more and more
cars zoom this way
and that like salmon
swimming upstream avoiding grizzlies
uncertain as to why
but knowing they must
go wherever they go

Giant (to Luis)

I met a giant 
someone who I’d naturally
avoid like brussel sprouts
when at first spied
having I suppose before
tasted and disliked and
therefore learned to dodge
But this giant was
different he sauntered over
and calmly sat down
and talked about life
and love and intimacy
he indeed waxed poetic
and I sat mesmerized
This giant taught me
an age old lesson
Run towards your fears
and never away for
this giant admitted that
he too feared me

MyPlank (to my lovers)

The notes of DeBussy
take me in one
direction and the coffee
in another while you
still sleep next to
me your breathing reminding
me that I’m alive
even as I write
for both the music
and all the coffee
lifts me far beyond
this bed overlooking mountains
and somewhere else beyond
you there my plank
sleeping going somewhere else
on your dreams adventure