ForeverAgo (for Bean)

There was a time 
once then forever ago
when what we felt
mirrored what we did
like the opposite hands
of lovers holding like
applying eyeliner in the
reflection of a dish
like red lipstick abandoned
on high ball glasses
given freely quickly forgotten
Now when I remember
forever ago I ache
not because I miss
it but because I
didn’t realize its importance
then until right now


Harmony is never seen 
yet is frequently heard
sometimes it is felt
but like snow showers
it is giddyingly brief
meant to tickle to
chase hold and disappear
Harmony happens only when
hearts minds and souls
vibrate on same frequencies
causing one’s pure sound
much like that of
a crystal goblet whose
moist rim is teased
by one delicate finger
that begins to sing


And now it’s before 
the day still belonging
to the night the
house still belonging to
the chill and the
coffee still belonging to
the bean this before
is my favorite time
a quiet peaceful time
before you eventually stir
and stretch being coaxed
by the sun rising
the heat of the
fire and the aroma
of coffee I enjoy
your laziness there knowing
that I’m like your
very own horologist winding
you up starting your
pendulum and regulating the
ticking of your heart
for your upcoming day


As I have now
turned the first few
pages of my new
chapter what I find
that I’m looking for
are a few meaty
characters and just maybe
a villain to carry
my story to its
end but alas here
men scatter like geese
frightened by loud noises
How’s a writer supposed
to tell a story
absent of any characters
Sure I still have
some from previous chapters
but I do feel
a plot twist coming
One day I might
stumble across a character
that will carry the
story of me across
the finish line but
until then I guess
some expose will do

Hat (for Jadon)

I love hats
I have many
I often carry
several with me
throughout my day
I have my
writer hat and
my lover hat
my goofball hat
which is a
beanie with propeller
I have my
dunce hat complete
with pink chagrin
Oh then there’s
my cigar smoking
Daddy hat allowing
me to smolder
But my favorite
hat of all
is no hat
But no one
ever sees me
then for I
am delightedly invisible