It’s really only ever

The little simple things

Like the gurgle hiss

And spit of a

Kettle set to boil

As the first glow

Of day washes over

Last nights late snow

And chickadees bounce and

Bob skitter and slide

On the frozen birdbath

Like children wearing skates

As I spoon splash

And stir dark roast

Into a now warmed

Coffee press watching as

Grounds drop and emerge

Like we did that

One July day so

Very very long ago

In ponds out back

This is my morning

Of memories every day


Sometimes in my life

I stumble across a

Real one like opening

A picture book usually

Filled with pretty prince’s

All wishing for a

Happily ever after until

After doesn’t end happily

But you are different

Upon opening you popped

Up standing there amidst

The dragons sword drawn

And for the first time

I felt like maybe

Maybe some princes do

Keep their promises after

All that ever happens


When I’m told that

I can’t I can

When I’m told that

I shouldn’t I shall

When I’m told that

I won’t I will

I have that fire

That burns in my

Soul I know that

What I say can

Shall and will be

Sometimes soon sometimes later

But it eventually becomes

I’m not one whose

Wishes don’t come true

With that comes responsibility

As the genie once

Said to the prince