The strength that’s required

To brandish my sword

I cannot muster and

Leave to youth but

Rather I hone wit

Sharpen sarcasm and whittle

And pluck the mantle

Hairs from the shoulders

Of demigods theocrats and

Buffoons who wear such

Not because of triumphs

But because of confiscation

Crippling those bullies at

Their weaknesses their lack

Of intelligence and morality


After our Supreme Courts

Decision to eliminate autonomy

Over a woman’s body

I heard the oddest

Sound pop then pop

And pop pop pop

Very very strange indeed

Then more and more

Pops pop pop pop

Pop pop pop popping

A thunderstorm of popping

Now I know why

It was all the

Heads that have been

Buried in the sand

Popping up and realizing

That a government that

Gives freedoms can also

Remove them nothing

Is ever really guaranteed

HappyPride 🏳️‍🌈

I’ve always been different

It runs through my

Veins like water through

A gorge I’ve always

Known that ever since

I was a child

So being gay seemed

Normal part and parcel

But to so many

Others being gay was

So unusual that they

Hid their uniqueness shied

Away from the others

Until June Pride Month

When the rainbow colors

Fly far and wide

For all the world

To see celebrating not

Just being LGBTQ+ but

Also everyone’s vibrant uniqueness