I have finally

Understood my own

Sadness on the

Pursuit of happiness

I have forgotten myself

So concerned about

Others I lost

Track of me

Like setting

A falcon free

Of tether and

Hood I myself

Flew free and

Disappeared like a

Winged dot on

The horizon yet

Knowing at some

Point I’d return

To me of which

I now have

Back to roost

I no longer

Want others I

Simply want me

This is not

Selfish it is

However now Grand

GoodMorning (to Bean)

A bluish sky

Almost gray awakens

Me pink streaked

Broad marker clouds

Begin to evaporate

As the Saul

Stretches and yawns

Beyond hunter green

Trees far off

Distant bird songs

Like music boxes

Repeat delicate melodies

Coffee maker steams

Like stationed locomotives

Sending this morning’s

Aroma to bed

Flirting you awake

Sleepy you stumble

Groggy you pour

Add and stir

Joining me here

Kissing good day