I don’t understand how 
or really even why
you fall asleep quickly
while I lay awake
wondering and listening why
why me when there’s
so many others around
why you seek refuge
in the tall grass
of my bed why
you huddle and cuddle
safe and warmly secure
and what if anything
I provide and promise
that night after night
lulls you into sleep
such a deep sleep
that you disappear there
though in my arms
rest now weary soldier
for tomorrow will be
yet another campaign for
you to triumphantly win


I believe in living 
life not surviving it
People count on their
future for their happiness
so what does that
make today a dry-run
Do you expect to
practice life today so
that tomorrow when your
real life finally happens
you get it right
The only real life
is the one that
you are living today
Do something anything maybe
several things that are
crazy make some memories
Never be regretful for
a life you wasted


Oh how I wish 
that you were here
on this chilly morning
to roll over onto
and into warming me
staving off the need
to stray out of
bed and into cold
to ignite the fire
and warm the house
being content with my
morning selfishness with warming
myself and leaving the
rest of the world
to its own devices
I’m simply not ready
yet to care about
anyone else but us