On a prairie

As vast as

An ocean we

Sprout and struggle

Reaching up higher

Lavender and peony

Daisy and daffodil

Sunning like cats

On a windowsill

Each of us

Magnificently alone here

Until invisible vines

Tickle tender torsos

These invasive lovers

These relationships that

Slowly wind their

Way upward eventually

Becoming so entwined

That to pluck

One you pluck

The other too

But not me

I continue higher

Above the rest

Preferring to be

The best the

Tallest robust me

Chosen for beauty

And not simply

Because I’m here

As has happened

To my friends


Lay with me

Let me paint

You with words

Let me strum

Your hair like

A harp let

Me tap your

Tummy like a

Tympani let my

Fingers dip in

Loves water colors

And draw circles

Across your brow

Down the cliffs

Of your cheekbones

And pool in

The hollows of

Your throat lay

With me and

Let me look

Into your eyes

And see stars

So far away

Yet close enough

To touch stay

Lay with me

Delay with me

Let this night

Last into the

Day with me