Now there’s nothing quite

Like some hot cocoa

Snow falling holiday jazz

You wearing sweatpants and

A Ho Ho Ho

Sweater struggling with strands

And strands and STRANDS

Of on now off

Now on now lights

As I watch you

Grow red with frustration

When I suddenly pull

You into my lap

And tell you quietly

Into your throat that

This is my absolute

Favorite part of Christmas


I do love love

But not the baggage

I prefer friendship love

Over the lovership variety

Friendship love is constant

Like a heart beat

It’s thoughtful like unexpected

Greeting cards wishing well

Lovership love is spicy

And hot and explosive

Like jalapeño peppers initially

Sweet and innocently unalarming

Until the sweating starts

And you find yourself

Reaching for anything but

Friendship love is scotch

Warm friendly and fuzzy

Lovership love is tequila

With lime and salt

Followed by a hangover

That lasts for months


Aren’t we all just

Cartoon characters running around

Doing ridiculously crazy things

Laughing at one another

Honestly enjoying the joke

Want to know something

Laughter first occurred as

God tickled Adam and

Out popped his rib

And God uttered ooops

The communion of Saints

Laughed and God said

Oh my that’s good

We definitely need more