I have decided

That Prince Charming

Doesn’t really exist

And if he

Does he’s taken

By the likes

Of Snow White

Rapunzel and Sleeping

Beauty ugh so

I have decided

To turn my

Attention on less

Of a Prince

And more of

A charm less

Treasure and more

Wit less pageantry

And more humility

Less castle and

Servants and more

Home and us

Besides who really

Wants to date

Someone who is

Two dimensional anyway


Snow has arrived

Like a million

Tiny white punch

Lines gathering one

Atop the other

Creating a comedy

Which tickles me

Like fingers moving

Across my ribs

Like meeting someone

New yet vaguely

Familiar thinking that

Someone like him

Had brought joy

To me once

And now wondering

And even hoping

If just a

Little bit that

Like a toboggan

We’ll sit slide

And glide over

Life’s hills eventually

Landing somewhere in

A pile of

Snow laughing together