I awoke to

Stillness like a

Fresh blanket of

Snow on the

Rolling pastures of

Southwestern Wisconsin not

Yet tarnished by

Foot or paw

I awoke to

Happiness like children

Realizing that today

Is Christmas full

Of wonderment awe

And glee I

Awoke to peace

Like cross country

Skiers on the

Freshly powdered trails

Of Valais as

The sun begins

To crest the

Alps bringing long

Shadows and sparkles

From my breath


And my world

Grows silent like

Dusk over the

Ocean a lapping

Tide my only

Reminder of the

Surf which once

Pounded my beach

Laying in calm

I now listen

To nothing wondering

What sounds you

Hear swords striking

Armor neighs and

Winnies of charging

Horses as you

Battle the demons

Of your day

Come back to

Me weary and

Worn and I

Will caress your

Wounds with salve

Readying you for

Your next tomorrow

OhSoAllOfYou (to Mr. B)

The memory of

You hangs around

Me like netting

Warding off the

Bugs of despair

Your aroma stays

On my shirt

Like invisible stains

That only I

Can see reminding

Me of that

Last hug before

I boarded the

Train taking me

Away from you

Traveling watching clouds

Outside the window

Reminds me of

Us as we

Danced the midnight

Away deep in

Your bed our

Love lighting up

Your room like

A bright moon