ReadyToGo (to me)

At long last

I am rested

Once again my

Wounds have healed

My armor strong

And swords sharpened

I have awakened

From winters lull

To springs birth

The long cloudy

Days of monsoon

Emotions and raining

Heartache have finally

Been replaced with

Fresh growth and

Greenness at long

Last now I

Wonder what and

Where and if

While standing upon

The hill of

My life trusting

That newness is

Beyond the next

Crest and valley

MorningMyBoo (to boo)

And yet you

Sleep far away

From me though

We’re touching now

In these wee

Hours I wonder

If I’m next

To you as

You are to

Me on some

Adventure or discovery

Some journey or

Quest fighting dragons

Or wooing princesses

Or what wait

One eye open

You say I

Know what you’re

Thinking you don’t

I reply I

Know what I’m

Thinking and then

And there we

Are dreaming awake

About each other

Morning my boo