Back to my knees

Lord where art thou

Here in my darkness

I implored the Heavens

To relieve me from

Despair have my sins

Prompted such turmoil have

I not been noticed

For my kindness nor

My love for others

Where are You

And then God said

I am the bottom

Upon which you have

Fallen which you kneel

Consider this do not

Sprouts spring from below

Do not trees rise

From the forest floor

Do not clouds gather

Rain from the oceans

Does not absolutely everything

Begin from where you

Find yourself to be

Now my dear boy

Start from here and

Be on your way

Just like everything else

HappyPride 🏳️‍🌈

I’ve always been different

It runs through my

Veins like water through

A gorge I’ve always

Known that ever since

I was a child

So being gay seemed

Normal part and parcel

But to so many

Others being gay was

So unusual that they

Hid their uniqueness shied

Away from the others

Until June Pride Month

When the rainbow colors

Fly far and wide

For all the world

To see celebrating not

Just being LGBTQ+ but

Also everyone’s vibrant uniqueness