And on this day 
One day before me
There you were born
Being first you paved
The way for me
And as best friends
And like a frame
You surrounded my craziness
With home and friendship
Giving me the chance
To whimper and bark
Somewhere in the middle
Of the Midwest somewhere
Tackle boxes are made
You set out first
Knowing I would follow
Tomorrow souls do dream
Before they are born
And we did dream
Of being friends forever
Happiest of birthdays Rick


I wonder why 
Two different pairs
Of eyes either
Adore or avoid
I have been
Found to be
Handsome by most
But here in
Denver I’m overlooked
And overpicked over
And over again
What they fail
To understand is
With my wrinkles
Also comes a
Roadmap of adventure
Of advice and
Admiration not for
Me but for
All those others
Whom I have
Take the young
With their dreams
And their futures
Give me wrinkles
For it’s wrinkles
That tells me
Something has been
Already worn has
Already served purpose
And master and
Has survived to
Tell its story
For stories are
What dreams have
Been made of


I love this life 
Of not knowing what
When who or why
Even the where isn’t
Exact it’s more gaseous
Usually experienced when young
But still always new
Even at my age
Through with the wars
I have abandoned my
Battlefields leaving behind the
Faceless and the known
And now as scars
Have healed but noticeable
Still I go anywhere
Where silence replaces guilt
That new place will
No longer scream victory
Or retreat or surrender
But something far less
Like oats whispering as
They shuffle in wind
Or willows that readjust
As the Autumn breeze
Catches each green finger
At last bringing comfort
I will find there
Knowing that the other
There is behind me
Well what do you
Know here we are


It’s really only ever

The little simple things

Like the gurgle hiss

And spit of a

Kettle set to boil

As the first glow

Of day washes over

Last nights late snow

And chickadees bounce and

Bob skitter and slide

On the frozen birdbath

Like children wearing skates

As I spoon splash

And stir dark roast

Into a now warmed

Coffee press watching as

Grounds drop and emerge

Like we did that

One July day so

Very very long ago

In ponds out back

This is my morning

Of memories every day