Standing in the

Doorway looking out

Wondering where your

Footprints went now

That they’re covered

By a fresh

Blanket of snow

All remains quiet

Except for the

Sound of winds

Creating drifts making

Me think that

You’re coming back

But all that

I get is

Cold that kind

Of cold that

Buried my heart

Right behind your

Now forgotten footprints

HolidayMeaning 🎄

A sweater some

Flannels a pair

Of fuzzy socks

One cup of

Marshmallow bobbing cocoa

A choral classic

Of familiar melodies

Glassy spheres of

Varying size and

Color a box

Full of green

Twinkling spaghetti whose

Plugs are buried

Beneath green blue

Red and yellow

Bulbs a kidnapped

Evergreen standing naked

A kaleidoscope of

Paper and ribbon

One closet stocked

Full of toys

A stack of

Holiday cards filled

With warm greetings

These are what

The holidays always

Mean to me

ChristmasTree (to Muenster❤️)

And ‘Ti’s the

Season when there

Stands in the

Corner or window

A memory thing

Decorated with lights

And balls sometimes

Popcorn and cranberries

Or candles candy

And kitsch it

Sits quietly absent

Of fanfare given

To royalty surrounded

By baubles trinkets

Toys all surprising

I simply stare

Watching the lights

Dance and bounce

Me surrounded by

Loved ones both

Past and present

This the long

Awaited time of

The Christmas tree