The night outside

Glows through the

Slats of window

Softly as though

My yard had

Been blanketed by

A midnight snowfall

Or like Venus

Hailing its moon

To cool my

Night in subtle

Shades of blue

And gray as

I recall that

One night in

Curitiba on the

Beach as low

Tide tickled the

Sandbar beneath your

Naked silhouette while

The Orange dawn

Broke yellow upon

Your brown skin

ArtLove (for Ramón)

Friends and lovers

Are not distinct

One naturally bleeds

Into the other

Just like watercolors

Creating a hazy

Squinting image which

Requires its study

To understand meaning

Sometimes my friends

Become my lovers

For love like

Pastels blend and

Create a beautiful

Ghostly image like

A ship far

Out to sea

Or heavy woods

At the cusp

Of pastoral prairies

I love lovers

I cherish friends

Combined they make

Wonderfully beautiful art


I don’t say

Things I think

I’m cautious like

A new driver

At a stop

Sign looking each

Way thrice before

Proceeding or like

A birder careful

Not to snap

A twig scaring

Away the thing

I wish to

See I keep

Things from your

Ears for even

Though I think

Them I fear

Your heart simply

Cannot hear them

Instead let me

Spy upon your

Smile and simply

Smile back love