And there we

Sat aging gathering

Dust waiting for

Our turn me

In a humidor

And you on

A shelf sometimes

Picked up studied

But always placed

Back to wait

Neither of us

Knowing each other

Until one snowy

December night when

We met you

Silky slightly tart

Hinting of pepper

Easy on tongue

A highland malt

And me robust

Smoky with hints

Of oak and

Acorn a maduro

And finally meeting

On the sideboard

My ash gray

Your bottle half

Empty thoroughly enjoyed

FishermanTrout (to Cookie)

And as I

Step slowly into

The cold swirling

Currents atop one

Slick stone then

Another until I

Am thigh high

In uncertainty I

Reach back reach

Forth back and

Forth whipping the

Line and landing

It delicately upon

The surface letting

It hang there

Like my tentative

Hello wondering if

You this you

A shimmering trout

In a river

Of revelers will

Take the fly

And rather than

Run away from

Me instead swim

Closer shoulder to

Shoulder eye to

Eye whispering hi

There fly fisherman

You’ve caught me

Fancy a drink

Ending one circle

Of life and

Beginning quite another

ThisIsChristmas 🎄⛄️🦃

An explosion of

Brightly colored paper

Rivers of ribbon

Waterfalling over the

Tables edge steaming

And cooling hot

Cocoa bobbing with

Gooey melting marshmallows

A cacophony of

Laughter echoing across

Beams and ugly

Sweaters aromas swirling

Like sirens freshly

Sprung from Pandora’s

Box tickle and

Taunt and tease

Pulling the hungry

And hopeful into

The kitchen hoping

To touch taste

And try spicy and

Sweet and savory

Delicacies as bourbon

And brandy and

Beer pops pleases

And pickles the

Familiar family frolickers