Has Been’s, Could’ve Been’s, Once Was’s, and Children

Once I assumed the role of cook a couple of years ago, I planned my menu so that every other day I’d prepare a new meal.  The only cookbook I owned was a 1960’s copy of Betty Crocker’s Cookbook.  This cookbook was my mother’s, and if you saw it, you’d think Betty Crocker herself passed it […]

Winter Recollection

Floating from heaven (perhaps an angel's first molt), flakes-first-to-fall scout the coldest of cold places where snowflakes might make landfall and swallow our feet like sand at the ocean's edge. The first few dance like marionettes and, like children, are delighted and distracted and saddened, our cold clowns drafted by the blizzard. More and more … Continue reading Winter Recollection

There’s Cold and then there’s Cold!

THERE'S COLD . . . Cold cream, the cold shoulder, cold as ice, having a cold, Cold War, stone-cold dead, cold sores, knocked-out cold, cold (sexual disinterest), cold feet, cold turkey, cold water man (a Scot that doesn't drink alcohol), cold cuts, cold storage, catch a cold, "...has a cold..." (politician, diplomat, or executive is … Continue reading There’s Cold and then there’s Cold!

Conventional Wisdom is an Oxymoron!

The Truth of your Action often turns to shame which eventually turns to secret(s) which requires evasion and misrepresentations which causes perjury and self incrimination and arrest. The penance in 1928 for this path of omission would be swift, impudent, and ruinous to his sixteen year old daughter's moral character according to Mr. Williams, the father to Miss Williams … Continue reading Conventional Wisdom is an Oxymoron!

Hu-mil-i-a-tion, Noun, 2. To Produce Resignation or Shame to the Dignity of Another

Humiliation comes in many flavors: decline, disgrace, resignation, ridicule, shame, stigma, and upset. HUMILIATION BY RESIGNATION AND SHAME A bike to a 11-year old is like a compass to an explorer; it ensures progress, freedom, and discovery. I was eleven or so and riding my Columbia 3-speed (I really wanted the cocoa brown 10-speed Schwinn … Continue reading Hu-mil-i-a-tion, Noun, 2. To Produce Resignation or Shame to the Dignity of Another

We Can’t, We Simply Can’t Forget Those Kids

It was similar to forcing yourself to perform a task you loathe and delay as long as possible.  But the timeliness of memory forced me to remain seated and prepare a list (found below) of the children and adults slain in Newtown.  But what caused unrelenting heartache was recognizing their ages, or, recognizing their lack of … Continue reading We Can’t, We Simply Can’t Forget Those Kids