Experience teaches one life
We all do remain
like children or puppies
uncertain of things until
we learn that this
is hot or that
is sharp and sex
isn’t required for love
nor is love required
for sex we learn
what hurts long before
we remember what doesn’t
But in the end
what experience teaches one
about life is that
without it we’re rocks
learning nothing more than
being in the way


When young we dreamed 
we dreamed of things
and places and people
we wished to have
and go and be
We played with toys
that somehow filled time
and fit with fun
And then we grew
out of our toys
and into our lives
replacing things and places
and people with well
things and places and
people feeling comfortable there
But as those same
began to lose stuffing
and adventure and desire
we searched for our
own youth in toys
New things and places
and people that distract
divide and ultimately destroy
Toys are best left
in hands of children
for a child’s mind
is one of innocence
and glee and giddiness
whereas the adult mind
is full of corruption
and chaos and compromise
Not a very promising
place for a toy


I believe in living 
life not surviving it
People count on their
future for their happiness
so what does that
make today a dry-run
Do you expect to
practice life today so
that tomorrow when your
real life finally happens
you get it right
The only real life
is the one that
you are living today
Do something anything maybe
several things that are
crazy make some memories
Never be regretful for
a life you wasted