Like a favorite

Song which conjures

The memories of

Past intimate times

When I took

Your hand and

Lifted you from

The chair and

Like a rainbow

Appeared from nowhere

For nothing more

Than to brighten

Your cloudy skies

I pulled you

Close to me

Moving there in

The middle of

Everyone else like

Two heavenly orbs

In the heavens

Dancing the slow

Dance of creation

I remember you

There then now


And there I

Found you in

The forest glen

Standing tall majestic

Tree limbs spread

Like many arms

Cut you down

I did and

Made you mine

Decorated you with

Memories and small

Star like lights

Sang to you

Surrounded you with

Gifts tied in

Pretty colors and

Then after the

Season I undressed

You and left

You curbside why

Do I waste

Such beauty on

My own folly