Walking (romeo stories)

human2Close your eyes
recall a day at the
beach sunny children
playing in the sand
and you are there
running and laughing
jumping up and down
rolling on the towel
laying in the sand
like a walrus

When I close my eyes
I can imagine those things
but only imagine
I only walk with braces
and crutches
I can’t remember the
feelings of sand underfoot
or jumping or simply
I don’t recall walking
without these

With eyes open
I’ve decided to shuck
the old knee
get a new one
I will walk again
jump run

Hawaii Beach

I went to the beach

sand and sun

you could smell the surf
and feel salt on your skin

you laid next to me almost


I too ashamed of myself
sat uncomfortably in the
sand like a turtle

flipping over onto your back
I saw your chest expand
and relax the mounds of
muscle found their rippled
beneath winds off the water
the trail of hair trailed from
your nipples to a straight line
disappearing beneath your shorts
where they swelled with your sex

what’re you staring at you squinted

nothing turning away ashamed

you can look

you said

it’s not looking that I wanted


I’m still
sleepy this
the smell
of you
like netting
above the bed
our room is
with light
closing curtains
will bathe us
in darkness
our nakedness
draws chills
even your arms
can’t blanket
the tickling air
you pull me atop
you like a blanket
hoping my weight
will warm you but
its the heat
of my heart that
the kindling of our