I love this life 
Of not knowing what
When who or why
Even the where isn’t
Exact it’s more gaseous
Usually experienced when young
But still always new
Even at my age
Through with the wars
I have abandoned my
Battlefields leaving behind the
Faceless and the known
And now as scars
Have healed but noticeable
Still I go anywhere
Where silence replaces guilt
That new place will
No longer scream victory
Or retreat or surrender
But something far less
Like oats whispering as
They shuffle in wind
Or willows that readjust
As the Autumn breeze
Catches each green finger
At last bringing comfort
I will find there
Knowing that the other
There is behind me
Well what do you
Know here we are


There was this one

Time under the sycamore

You were above me

On one elbow and

Looking down and just

As a late August

Breeze blew your flaxen

Hair from your face

At that same moment

The low afternoon sun

Caught the corner of

One of your eyes

And there then inside

I did see the

Deep blue pool of

Your soul and to

It’s bottom where I

Saw you swimming throughout

The eons of your

Lives and right then

I knew that like

Now we’d been together

And then taking my

Hand you said come

Swim with me and

I said just like

We’ve done so many

Times before and you

Said um yeah sure

It was that day

That I knew then

That only some of

Us are lucky enough

To remember the pasts