Finally when all

The other presents

Have been opened

A small package

Is found tucked

Behind the lowest

Bough not the

Prettiest or the

Biggest not the

One that screams

Here I am

But the one

Like a seashell

Contains the sounds

Of the ocean

Unwrap me you

Did and upon

Peeking inside you

Found my heart

Beating there slowly

For it is

The last present

There to open

SeasonsWe (to Brandon)

And so it

Began like setting

Tinder to start

Then fanning catching

Logs to blaze

These conversations dancing

Like a ballroom

Competition spinning and

Ducking and moving

Moved from topic

To topic as

Easily as ice-cream

Melts on a

Warm August day

Leaving us to

Leap like leaves

That jump into

October winds and

Land one atop

One another we

Talked creating a

Harmony like the

Cicadas in summer

These were the

Seasons between us