And I screamed

At God when

Is it my

Turn when do

I get everything

That You promised

He quietly replied

Selflessness is everything

That I promised

Selfishness brings about

Plagues and fire

And destruction and

Famine and lewdness

Greed and gluttony

Whereas selflessness brings

Comfort and peace

Truth and courage

Humility and clarity

Would you rather

Be the one

That ignites the

Fire or the

One that can

Put it out


As if things

Couldn’t get worse

I have come

To learn this

That trying things

Is but one

Third of learning

Things the other

Third is feeling

Things and the

Last third is

Understanding these things

So is the

March of your

Lifetime and lifetimes

With each step

Whether it be

Small or grand

Whether it be

Across a day

Or a lifetime

Or many lifetimes

You’ll always arrive

At the place

Where I am

This second to

Last lifetime the

Lifetime of understanding


The world has

Failed to be

A safe place

It’s innocence lost

Replaced instead with

Selfishness and despair

A barren place

Occupied by the

Damned who wander

Aimlessly ignorantly and

Painfully absent of

Even fond memories

Husks of what

They once were

Simply coldly forgotten

Content instead of

Heaping noxious travesties

Designed to fuel

Their flames of

Hopelessness upon the

Living that have

Barricaded themselves behind

The ever eroding

Walls of hope

Fear not being

One of the

Damned for those

Devastated souls do

Not read poetry