I have met some 
beautiful men in my
life not just physically
but spiritually and emotionally
as well for anyone
especially a younger man
to admit humility at
the outstretched hand of
his own divinity is
nothing short of miraculous
it reminds me that
despite what we see
and read and fear
about our world and
future clouds do part
eventually over many and
the Spirit of which
you believe does shine


And it is Easter 
A day of celebration
and of joyful resurrection
But resurrection isn’t a
miracle resurrection can happen
in the smallest things
a dandelion emerging between
sidewalks a phone call
from a thought to
be lost friend and
a morning hello from
some stranger resurrection simply
means rebirth a mulligan
a do over and
another try at being
our very best selves
despite our past darkness


Imagine all of humanity 
as a single tree
Majestic and so strong
Standing there amidst furies
Now imagine splintering it
piece by piece by
piece so many pieces
of what was once
whole unified in tact
with one sole purpose
growth towards the sun
But now each splinter
having its own identity
and pervasive selfish purpose
has all but forgotten
what strength it had
when bound to others
choosing its weakness instead
God gave us similarities
We ripped us apart