Heavenly Father my Creator 
I was not created
In Your divine image
I am woefully imperfect
Immoral and selfishly unjust
I take and accuse
Blame and turn away
From those in need
I don’t deserve forgiveness
I do deserve damnation
So why why do
You deny my desire
To exit this hellscape
And make my ethereal
Way to real Hell
Because He said you’re
Already there I put
The bottom beneath everything
For a simple reason
For everything looks like
Heaven from down there


I have endured a

Period of oppression I

Have kept my faith

I have seen humor

In the darkness like

A small sliver of

Sunlight I have outlasted

This three year night

I have made friends

Of my enemies and

Now at last I

Emerge back into light

Better because of it

Let me speak no

More of this with

Anyone except my God

For only He knows

And no one else

Will ever understand this