Loves (to Bean)

There’s a

Type of

Love which

Most people

Assign great

Value they

Consider it

The love

The best

Love or

Grandest love

The one

Love and

The forever

Love the

Marriage love

And the

Affectionate love

The love

Of rings

And promises

And oh

The love

That the

Creator anoints

But really

That love

Like so

Many others

Is just

A love

A present

Love no

It’s not

Puppy love

Or giggly

Love or

Summer love

Or even

The friendship

Love try

Not to

Pander to

Hierarchies of

Love just

Love simply

And beautifully

GreatLove (for Bean)

Love isn’t

Ever easy

Especially the

Great loves

Great loves

Require great

Things with

Great people

That must

Be willing

To enjoy

Great times

As well

As great

Loss great

Loves are

Great simply

Because of

Their inherent

Ability to

Change the

Course of

Your life

If you’re

Not willing

Settle for

Something less

Great loves

Demand greatness

From both

Whether it

Be Heaven

Or Hell