I Need Your Help

November 25, 2012

Dear Reader:

After posting my last piece about Jesse Jackson, Jr. I had a really bad case of Bloggers regret.  Not for what I said, not for how I said it.  I regretted posting it here, on this blog because I don’t think Blog Readers visiting my blog expect to see a political opinion piece, much less one with vitriolic language condemning our former congressional representative’s relinquishing of his seat.

So I’m asking your help.  Would you please look at the poll and answer its question?  Your anonymous answer will assist me a great deal and provide you with post-content you expect to see on Becoming not Became.

Thank you in advance.


T.M. Mulligan



2 thoughts on “I Need Your Help

  1. Mr. Mulligan, I completely side with you. There’s nothing you said that was out of line. Why should you not be able to express your opinions, especially since you know far more firsthand about manic depression than the average Joe. Frankly, I was unaware of much of what Mr. Jackson, Jr. has gone through aside from the fact that he checked himself into a rehab facility awhile back somewhere for some undisclosed reason that was alluded to as depression and exhaustion.

    You need not sweat anything you write. This is your blog. You’re not being paid by Time or Newsweek or the NY Times to express an opinion for which you need their approval; you’ve got the luxury of presenting your own, exactly how you want.

    John A Gasbarre
    Vinalhaven, ME


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