Writing (romeo stories)

Writing is yelling
into a deep canyon
without sound returning
it’s kites without
tails or flashlights
missing batteries
why do we use
return addresses
on things we write
or throw our work
into the outback
like boomerangs
writing is very lonely
except yesterday
when an echo
I love your poetry
from the internet abyss
and made me as giddy
as a teenagers crush.


I unframed your
picture today
a recently dismissed
it remains a pause
in time a snapshot
laughter embracing
pensive seductive
I don’t know which
expression was removed

I packed your
clothes today
children going to
memory stained
denims sweater
boxer-briefs shirts
I smell you in every
garment like a bloodhound

I tossed your
other things today
they’re on the stoop
or in the back like
stray cats
vanity beauty
pride contrary

Star (for RS)

I saw the heavens
last night a jewelers
cloth diamond-dotted
aashootingreminiscing when
unbound to human
form we bobbed
about the Universe
a playground
skipping star to
star and planet to
planet like a childhood
game shooting stars
is what I call them

On each planet
we remain divine
childlike curious
playful there’s no
limitation distraction
feelings judgement
all existence is curiosity